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Applications developed and maintained by Softinnovation are GPSWINTracker for Windows 7 and Windows 8 platform. GPSTrackerLite and GPSTrackerGate for Android and Windows phone and GPSTrackerGTS for Android.

GPSWINTracker consists of a Graphical application, where you configure all the settings for the application and the windows service. The other part is the Windows service that manage the collection and sending logic.

GPSTrackerLite, GPSTrackerGTS and GPSTrackerGate can be downloaded from the Android or Windows app store.

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Development projects is Softinnovation's main focus where we develop custom software applications for companies worldwide.

One big area where Softinnovation has developed a lot of software is for vehicle and device tracking, so if you are looking for tracking software where you manage all the data you are on the right place.

Softinnovation applications are known for a lot of configurations possibilities making them fit most customers. A lot of logic is also included in the application allowing customers with different needs to configure them to fit their needs.

If you have custom needs, don't found in the applications don’t hesitate to contact us as we develop custom functionality in the applications all the time.

Technology used by Softinnovation is GPSGate and OpenGTS as backend server software combined with the Softinnovation clients like GPSTrackerLite, GPSTrackerGate or GPSWINTracker.

The client's post the locations to the backend server which allows the server to display this in reports and maps.

This solution has the advantage that you can configure it as you like and that you manage your locations data.

GPSGate is a vehicle tracking backend software running in IIS on Windows.

More information about GPSGate here.

OpenGTS is a vehicle tracking backend software running in apache on Windows or Linux. OpenGTS is developed in Java.

More information about OpenGTS here.

About Softinnovation

Softinnovation is a Swedish software development company that develop applications for vehicle tracking and also participate or manage other development projects.

The employed at Softinnovation has developed software and applications since year 1996.

The software is highly configurable, and allows the customers to have special functionality included in the software.
A lot of extra add-ons exists to get and send custom data to and from the central server.